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Reformation Day

31 October 2011

HERE is a good wee interview with Mike Reeves on the reformation.

If you have a bit more time, then tackle THIS article on the reformation as well.

Want more?

HERE is a video interview with Michael Haykin.

HERE is a free download of RC Sproul’s children’s book on Luther.



The greatest event in Scottish history

18 October 2011

When John Knox went upstairs to plead with God for Scotland, it was the greatest event in Scottish history. – Spurgeon

‘Now, O Lord, thou hast revealed thyself and thy beloved Son Jesus Christ, clearly to the world again, by the true preaching of his blessed evangel, which also of thy mercy is offered unto us within this realm of Scotland…Give unto us, O Lord, that presently are assembled in thy Name, such abundance of thy Holy Spirit, that we may see those things that shall be expedient for the advancement of thy glory, in the midst of this perverse and stubborn generation. Give us grace, O Lord, that universally among ourselves, we may agree in the unity of true doctrine. Bless thou so our weak labours, that the fruits of the same may redound to the praise of thy holy Name, to the profit of this present generation, and to the posterity to come, through Jesus Christ; to whom, with thee and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and praise, now and ever. So be it.’

Looks like it’s time to get back to Israel

25 January 2011

Things are always changing in the land, and THIS is a fantastic development. We saw the relatively newly excavated pool of Siloam last time we were there, but it was not connected to the Old City. Good stuff.

British Evangelicalism

24 January 2011

The Evangelical Alliance has recently released a new report about evangelicalism in Britain. I point you HERE and HERE to see some response to it. It is actually useful reading the comments on these posts as well.

You can see the report HERE, and you can read about the methodology behind it HERE.

HT: Justin Taylor

The one I’ve been waiting for

13 January 2011

This year at the Desiring God Pastors Conference John Piper’s biographical talk is going to be on Robert Murray M’Cheyne. Here’s a brief snippet of his preparation for this talk:

Is a church tradition bad?

7 January 2011

The always helpful Carl Trueman speaks about being a false teacher. He discusses ordination and identifying yourself within a church tradition. Here is the punchline, at least in my book:

Some might be tempted to cry `Popery and Catholicism’ at this point, the `t’ word being as welcome in many evangelical quarters as a gold lame suit and matching platform shoes at a Led Zeppelin reunion concert; to which I would simply respond that every Christian stands in a tradition; the key is whether you are prepared to make your tradition public, so that it can be scrutinized by others, and whether you are prepared to norm it by scripture.

Peace or Truth: what do you want more?

11 December 2010

Some good quotes from Warfield about the compromise of truth in the pursuit of peace.

Warfield once met the wife of the seminary president J. Ross Stevenson while walking down a Princeton street, and she implored him: “Dr. Warfiled, I hear there is going to be trouble at the General Assembly. Do let us pray for peace.” To this he replied, “I am praying that if they do not do what is right, there may be a mighty battle.”


“It is certain that there are many in our midst who fear controversy more than error.”

He’s not promoting a love of controversy, that’s not what we’re talking about, but a fear of it.

It reminds me of something Sinclair Ferguson said about the early church. They feared heresy would destroy the church, not martyrdom or persecution.

HT: Kevin DeYoung

Beeston Non-Conformists

5 November 2010

There are two chaps listed in Calamy’s Non-Conformists Memorials, though one of them appears with an *. Having one of these next to your name is either good or bad, there generally is no middle ground. If you are in the record books for being the fastest swimmer, but there is an * next to your name, we all know that some questionable strategies were taken to secure your win. Or, for my myriad of American readers, if you have a home run record with an * next to your name, well…

Anyhow, Mr. Leonard Scurr has an * next to his name. Why? In this case, it does seem to be a middle ground reason. Calamy was informed by a native of Beeston that Mr Scurr only occasionally assisted Mr Cudworth, who was ejected. However, Scurr is on all of the lists and Cudworth doesn’t appear anywhere. Maybe some nepotism going on here by relatives of Cudworth?

We are told that Mr Scurr had a good reputation in the neighbourhood, but that being ejected their house was robbed, the family murdered, and the house set on fire. The perpetrators fled to Ireland and one of the company was apprehended and hanged in Holbeck (adjacent to Beeston). This seems to be in print somewhere, but Calamy does not give the detail. Off to google books when we have time and we’ll see what else can be found out about Mr Scurr. We’ll look at some of the other Leeds non-conformists in the days ahead.

More can be read here and here (pg 137).