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Praying is criminal

13 January 2012

This is quite a story (particularly in the wake of all the occupy protests…which, I haven’t heard much of lately, must be the cold winter). Over 40 folks arrested for praying as part of a protest. I realise some folks were arrested during different occupy movements, but that’s because they were involved in criminal activity (like breaking into buildings, destroying public and private property, etc.).

Story HERE.

Do pray for the churches in New York who may loose their use of schools to meet in at the weekend.


What is the mission of the church?

18 November 2011

I’m about a third of the way through DeYoung and Gilbert’s book. In short, making disciples is their answer. Should we be surprised? It is curious however, if not frustrating, how many people take issue with that answer. Apparently DeYoung and Gilbert (both pastors of CHURCHES) are not qualified to speak on the mission of the CHURCH? I guess that is for other folks to figure out rather than those leading churches. Just be sure to let us know what to do guys, OK?

As usual, Trueman has some helpful thoughts on the topic, as does Horton in his contribution to the debate.

It is interesting how many people in church want the question answered, ‘What’s the church’s purpose?’ Part may be due to poor communication, but I imagine part (the bigger part) is symptomatic of the tilt within evangelicalism. Something hip, something new, something that is a game changer for the church and society in this world. Those aren’t necessarily wrong desires, but neither are they the mission of the church, or, I guess, that’s the question being debated. Neither are they things promised to God’s people. BUT, there is the promise of a city that is unshakable who’s builder and architect is God.

I’d like to think I’m too young to be old fashion, but then, my hairline condemns me each day. Guess I’ll stick to the old paths.

Survey says…

28 February 2011

Obviously surveys like this are hit and miss, but some interesting observations in this one titled ‘Happiness is…living and eating with your parents’.

A few quotes:

Not living with both natural parents has a greater negative impact on a young person’s life satisfaction than their material situation.

Children are happier with their family situation if their parents are happier with their relationship with each other.


Rob Bell gets the gospel right…

28 February 2011

…unfortunately, it is what he is arguing against, not for.

Musing on the thought that someone said Ghandi was in hell, Bell says, “Will only a few select people make it to heaven?…How do you become one of the few? Is it what you believe, or what you say, or what you do, or who you know?…or something that happens in your heart…converted, born again? How does one become one of these few?”

Not bad really. I’d give an affirmative to most all of that statement (Matt 7.21-23 and John 3.3 among others).

Then discussing the traditional explanation of the gospel he suggests that believing this message distorts who God is “What is God like?…God is going to send you to hell unless you believe in Jesus…Jesus rescues you from God.” His point, who would want to believe in a God like that?

It’s interesting, if I remember correctly one of the studies that put Rob Bell on the map was his series/tour on Leviticus. I think that one of the most frequent words in that book is ‘holy’. Maybe that tells us something about what God is like and why Jesus does need to rescue us from God’s holy wrath.

His book is called Love Wins. I wonder how Bell defines love. Suppose someone has had a spouse murdered. The widow is in the room with the killer. How do I show love towards the widow? Do I treat the killer that same as the widow? Is that truly loving?

Love wins, but justice is exterminated. If there is anything people want in the world today, it is justice. And rightly so, because we are made in God’s image. If Bell’s video preview accurately reflects the message of his book, then there is no such thing as justice, and Jesus is not returning to judge the quick and the dead, and there is no need to repent, and, oddly enough, in his attempt to be generous and get everyone in, Bell will most likely offer some system of works righteousness and requirements instead of the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation.

You can read more about this HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Two posts worth reading

11 February 2011

Here are two interesting posts. First, one notes the admission of academic bias. The second is a penetrating question showing the inconsistency of pro-abortion view holders.

iPhone confession

8 February 2011

I’m not making this up. Get an iPhone app for your confession. Yet another reason to get an iPhone I suppose (not sure about iPad, or the App store – might be worth seeing if it is there as well).

DA Carson on the church

3 February 2011

The Yorkshire Evangelical Ministry Assembly took place on Tuesday. DA Carson was the speaker and his topic was the church. The recordings are now available at the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership website and are free (as are the messages from past years/events). As always, Carson was insightful, helpful, faithful, and challenging. Enjoy.

The law: legalism or antinomianism

31 January 2011

There seems to be confusion surrounding the matter of the use of the law. This is a critical issue and one worth some serious thought and study. You can see some of the to and fro around the web last week. Frank Turk wrote a letter to Michael Horton about a perceived imbalance. Horton responded, as did Scott Clark (to which Turk then replied). And quite apart from these interactions CT had an article about antinomianism.

There is not time or space to interact here with all that has been said, but in reading Matthew 11 this morning something stood out to me.

For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ Yet wisdom is justified by her deeds.” (Matthew 11:18-19 ESV)

So John was branded a legalist, and Jesus was branded an antinomian. My guess is that they both got things right and the response probably had more to do with those making it than with the accused. The fountainhead of both legalism and antinomianism is the same, void of the gospel of grace.

Now back to The Marrow of Modern Divinity.

Looks like it’s time to get back to Israel

25 January 2011

Things are always changing in the land, and THIS is a fantastic development. We saw the relatively newly excavated pool of Siloam last time we were there, but it was not connected to the Old City. Good stuff.

British Evangelicalism

24 January 2011

The Evangelical Alliance has recently released a new report about evangelicalism in Britain. I point you HERE and HERE to see some response to it. It is actually useful reading the comments on these posts as well.

You can see the report HERE, and you can read about the methodology behind it HERE.

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