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Praying is criminal

13 January 2012

This is quite a story (particularly in the wake of all the occupy protests…which, I haven’t heard much of lately, must be the cold winter). Over 40 folks arrested for praying as part of a protest. I realise some folks were arrested during different occupy movements, but that’s because they were involved in criminal activity (like breaking into buildings, destroying public and private property, etc.).

Story HERE.

Do pray for the churches in New York who may loose their use of schools to meet in at the weekend.


How to waste 2012

3 January 2012

Here are 4 easy ways to waste 2012:

1. Refuse Jesus

2. Forget Jesus

3. Ignore Jesus

4. Isolate Jesus

To refuse Jesus is to think that you don’t need him at all. To think that life makes sense and has meaning without him. To think that you can manage life, and death, on your own.

To forget Jesus is to think that you only need him at the start of the christian life rather than the whole way through. To fail to preach the gospel to yourself each day looking to Christ in faith to meet all of your needs.

To ignore Jesus is to starve yourself and hold your breath. To neglect meeting and communion with Jesus in the word (food) and prayer (breathing).

To isolate Jesus is to not make the local church a priority. To amputate, as it were, parts of Christ’s body by not being a part of, accountable to, and involved in the local church.

So…don’t waste 2012. Look to Christ in faith, daily find all your needs met in him in the gospel, commune with him in the word and prayer each day, and crack on in your local church.

What is the mission of the church?

18 November 2011

I’m about a third of the way through DeYoung and Gilbert’s book. In short, making disciples is their answer. Should we be surprised? It is curious however, if not frustrating, how many people take issue with that answer. Apparently DeYoung and Gilbert (both pastors of CHURCHES) are not qualified to speak on the mission of the CHURCH? I guess that is for other folks to figure out rather than those leading churches. Just be sure to let us know what to do guys, OK?

As usual, Trueman has some helpful thoughts on the topic, as does Horton in his contribution to the debate.

It is interesting how many people in church want the question answered, ‘What’s the church’s purpose?’ Part may be due to poor communication, but I imagine part (the bigger part) is symptomatic of the tilt within evangelicalism. Something hip, something new, something that is a game changer for the church and society in this world. Those aren’t necessarily wrong desires, but neither are they the mission of the church, or, I guess, that’s the question being debated. Neither are they things promised to God’s people. BUT, there is the promise of a city that is unshakable who’s builder and architect is God.

I’d like to think I’m too young to be old fashion, but then, my hairline condemns me each day. Guess I’ll stick to the old paths.

Reformation Day

31 October 2011

HERE is a good wee interview with Mike Reeves on the reformation.

If you have a bit more time, then tackle THIS article on the reformation as well.

Want more?

HERE is a video interview with Michael Haykin.

HERE is a free download of RC Sproul’s children’s book on Luther.


What is lacking in Christ’s afflictions?

17 October 2011

I’m sure this has been helpfully explained before, but a light came on a couple weeks back in understanding what Paul is getting at in Col 1.24 where he writes, ‘Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions’.

The question is, is something about Christ’s work on the cross insufficient? The answer, of course, is ‘no’. But what does Paul mean here?

I think the easiest and most helpful way to understand this is to think about the one inflicting the suffering. On the cross it was the wrath of God against the sin of his people that Jesus suffered. The suffering Paul experiences (and is lacking in Christ) does not come from the Father to top-up what was insufficient in the cross, but comes from the enemy.

You might say it this way, in Christ’s death on the cross the wrath of God was satisfied, but not the wrath of Satan (not that Satan was pouring wrath on Jesus on the cross, he wasn’t; but even in his observance of these sufferings of Christ, he wants to see more).

So, the enemy is not done inflicting sufferings upon Christ’s body, and Paul was filling up what was lacking and now the church continues to fill up what is lacking.

What should the church be doing?

8 September 2011

Just started reading The Mission of the Church by DeYoung and Gilbert. So far it is excellent. One of the strengths of the book is that these guys know the right questions to ask, thus starting on the right road to arrive at the right answers. I think this book will be a sensible, articulate, and insightful corrective to some of the confusion on why Jesus established the church. If the mission of the church is a bit blurred in your vision or understanding, reading this book will be like putting on a pair of glasses making your sight sharp and clear. I’d recommend this book for all involved in ministry, at any level.

What was that?

14 March 2011

No doubt, the church in the West has many new things to learn. But for the most part, everything we need to learn is what we’ve already forgotten. The chief theological task now facing the Western church is not to reinvent or to be relevant but to remember.

~ Kevin DeYoung – The Good News We Almost Forgot

iPhone confession

8 February 2011

I’m not making this up. Get an iPhone app for your confession. Yet another reason to get an iPhone I suppose (not sure about iPad, or the App store – might be worth seeing if it is there as well).

DA Carson on the church

3 February 2011

The Yorkshire Evangelical Ministry Assembly took place on Tuesday. DA Carson was the speaker and his topic was the church. The recordings are now available at the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership website and are free (as are the messages from past years/events). As always, Carson was insightful, helpful, faithful, and challenging. Enjoy.

British Evangelicalism

24 January 2011

The Evangelical Alliance has recently released a new report about evangelicalism in Britain. I point you HERE and HERE to see some response to it. It is actually useful reading the comments on these posts as well.

You can see the report HERE, and you can read about the methodology behind it HERE.

HT: Justin Taylor