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Praying is criminal

13 January 2012

This is quite a story (particularly in the wake of all the occupy protests…which, I haven’t heard much of lately, must be the cold winter). Over 40 folks arrested for praying as part of a protest. I realise some folks were arrested during different occupy movements, but that’s because they were involved in criminal activity (like breaking into buildings, destroying public and private property, etc.).

Story HERE.

Do pray for the churches in New York who may loose their use of schools to meet in at the weekend.


How to waste 2012

3 January 2012

Here are 4 easy ways to waste 2012:

1. Refuse Jesus

2. Forget Jesus

3. Ignore Jesus

4. Isolate Jesus

To refuse Jesus is to think that you don’t need him at all. To think that life makes sense and has meaning without him. To think that you can manage life, and death, on your own.

To forget Jesus is to think that you only need him at the start of the christian life rather than the whole way through. To fail to preach the gospel to yourself each day looking to Christ in faith to meet all of your needs.

To ignore Jesus is to starve yourself and hold your breath. To neglect meeting and communion with Jesus in the word (food) and prayer (breathing).

To isolate Jesus is to not make the local church a priority. To amputate, as it were, parts of Christ’s body by not being a part of, accountable to, and involved in the local church.

So…don’t waste 2012. Look to Christ in faith, daily find all your needs met in him in the gospel, commune with him in the word and prayer each day, and crack on in your local church.