Bible Reading

There are loads of bible reading plans out there. For many years I followed M’Cheyne’s bible reading plan. I almost felt like I was betraying him when I stopped it last year, but I don’t feel as bad after some months now. Having looked into Grant Horner’s system I was encourage to taylor make something for myself. I have’t done all the math as to how much you’d read in a year, but here is what I started last week.

List 1: OT (excluding Psalms and Proverbs) – 2-3 chapters a day

List 2: Psalms – 1 chapter a day

List 3: Proverbs – 1 chapter a day

List 4: Gospels/Acts (excluding John) – 1 chapter a day

List 5: John – 1 chapter a day

List 6: Romans – 1 chapter a day

List 7: Epistles (excluding Romans) – 1 chapter a day

For all my readers who will want to print out bookmarks to follow suit, you can get them here (biblereading).

This allows for extra time in the gospels and a focus on John’s gospel. If there are 2 books in the NT I want to have a handle on it is John and Romans. Hopefully this will help. Others may want more focus elsewhere, or to read more chapters, or to read less. So, as I said, I made this for myself and pray that it will be effective in knowing Christ more deeply and intimately.


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