Things you should read if…

…You want to be challenged and grow in godliness – anything about Robert Murray M’Cheyne (start with Bonar’s biography and then move on to L.J. Van Valen)

…You want to see Christ centered, Christ exalting, sinner pleading preaching – the sermons of M’Cheyne

…You want to grow in you love of Christ and appreciation of his work – anything by Hugh Martin (The Atonement, The Abiding Presence, The Shadow of Calvary)


One Response to “Things you should read if…”

  1. tangiblethoughts Says:

    “February 23. Sabbath. Rose early to seek God, and found Him whom my soul loveth. Who would not rise early to meet such company?”

    (Robert Murray M’Cheyne, Scottish pastor, diary entry, 1831)

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