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Bible Reading

21 March 2011

There are loads of bible reading plans out there. For many years I followed M’Cheyne’s bible reading plan. I almost felt like I was betraying him when I stopped it last year, but I don’t feel as bad after some months now. Having looked into Grant Horner’s system I was encourage to taylor make something for myself. I have’t done all the math as to how much you’d read in a year, but here is what I started last week.

List 1: OT (excluding Psalms and Proverbs) – 2-3 chapters a day

List 2: Psalms – 1 chapter a day

List 3: Proverbs – 1 chapter a day

List 4: Gospels/Acts (excluding John) – 1 chapter a day

List 5: John – 1 chapter a day

List 6: Romans – 1 chapter a day

List 7: Epistles (excluding Romans) – 1 chapter a day

For all my readers who will want to print out bookmarks to follow suit, you can get them here (biblereading).

This allows for extra time in the gospels and a focus on John’s gospel. If there are 2 books in the NT I want to have a handle on it is John and Romans. Hopefully this will help. Others may want more focus elsewhere, or to read more chapters, or to read less. So, as I said, I made this for myself and pray that it will be effective in knowing Christ more deeply and intimately.


What was that?

14 March 2011

No doubt, the church in the West has many new things to learn. But for the most part, everything we need to learn is what we’ve already forgotten. The chief theological task now facing the Western church is not to reinvent or to be relevant but to remember.

~ Kevin DeYoung – The Good News We Almost Forgot

Things you should read if…

11 March 2011

…You want to be challenged and grow in godliness – anything about Robert Murray M’Cheyne (start with Bonar’s biography and then move on to L.J. Van Valen)

…You want to see Christ centered, Christ exalting, sinner pleading preaching – the sermons of M’Cheyne

…You want to grow in you love of Christ and appreciation of his work – anything by Hugh Martin (The Atonement, The Abiding Presence, The Shadow of Calvary)

What to do with books you won’t read?

4 March 2011

Here is an idea. These are simply amazing. Every house should have at least one.

See more here, here, and here.

HT: Chailles

New Trace Bundy video

4 March 2011

Good stuff here from Trace Bundy. Hopefully a new album will be out in not too long.