M’Cheyne website updated

Great news HERE. Looks like it still needs some fine tuning, but a fantastic resource (and I found a book by M’Cheyne listed that I don’t have…we’ll have to do something about that!).

These pages are devoted to providing information and links to archive material by or about M’Cheyne, one of my heros of the faith from the nineteenth century. We would be pleased to receive email notification of any further material by or about M’Cheyne that comes to light. If you have any questions about M’Cheyne or his works, please check the M’Cheyne FAQ before contacting us or visit the forum – that’s where you can find his famous Bible Reading Calendar (the most frequently asked question to date)

This is the new M’Cheyne website that has replaced the old one hosted here http://web.ukonline.co.uk/d.haslam/. A revamp was necessary and so we have introduced a new design and layout that will hopefully be accepted by admirers of M’Cheyne. Please update your bookmarks and link to our new domain. Thank you! – D.HASLAM.


One Response to “M’Cheyne website updated”

  1. Scott Nelson Says:

    Are you aware of a website “www.sovereign-grace.com” that had a M’Cheyne page on it? I had one by that address bookmarked at one time but it now seems to be defunct.

    I enjoy your posts. You are linked on my blog, http://www.tangiblethoughts.wordpress.com.

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