Common Grace in Leeds

Just before moving to Leeds Illegal Jack’s came to Edinburgh. Well, it’s been a long 6 months here in Leeds, though I did manage a sneak up to Edinburgh and Illegal Jacks in November (I went for other reasons, but felt duty bound to eat there while in town). Yesterday, everything changed. I was meeting a chap in the city centre who is church planting in Leeds with Acts 29. Just before I got to the rendezvous point I walked past this

Two of these bad boys made it home with me and we feasted on our first barburritos of the year. No reason for our Edinburgh friends to not visit us now!


2 Responses to “Common Grace in Leeds”

  1. DC Says:

    Funnily enough Mikey I managed to visit their eatery in Manchester just 2 weeks ago. I enjoyed it very much but, to be honest, it didn’t compare with the aptly-named ‘The Mission’ in Oxford (, quite simply the best burrito I have had in the UK.

    You’ll just have to find some reason to visit Oxford – you could call it a ‘mission trip’?

  2. luehrmann Says:

    We’re in London at the end of May for Barrington’s wedding, will probably try to get out to Oxford to see if what you say is true! Thanks for the pointer.

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