The one I’ve been waiting for

This year at the Desiring God Pastors Conference John Piper’s biographical talk is going to be on Robert Murray M’Cheyne. Here’s a brief snippet of his preparation for this talk:


2 Responses to “The one I’ve been waiting for”

  1. Dad/Bebo Says:

    Cool. When does he do the entire review? Mitch just had a recorded clip of pipers for his sermon a few weeks back “when God spoke to me” or something like that. My first thought was Has Piper gone nuts? But after hearing it I should have known better.

  2. luehrmann Says:

    It’s on Feb 1 ( It will be online shortly after he gives it, so you can watch it or listen to it or read it. D.A. Carson is at City on Feb 1 as well!

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