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The law: legalism or antinomianism

31 January 2011

There seems to be confusion surrounding the matter of the use of the law. This is a critical issue and one worth some serious thought and study. You can see some of the to and fro around the web last week. Frank Turk wrote a letter to Michael Horton about a perceived imbalance. Horton responded, as did Scott Clark (to which Turk then replied). And quite apart from these interactions CT had an article about antinomianism.

There is not time or space to interact here with all that has been said, but in reading Matthew 11 this morning something stood out to me.

For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ Yet wisdom is justified by her deeds.” (Matthew 11:18-19 ESV)

So John was branded a legalist, and Jesus was branded an antinomian. My guess is that they both got things right and the response probably had more to do with those making it than with the accused. The fountainhead of both legalism and antinomianism is the same, void of the gospel of grace.

Now back to The Marrow of Modern Divinity.


M’Cheyne website updated

27 January 2011

Great news HERE. Looks like it still needs some fine tuning, but a fantastic resource (and I found a book by M’Cheyne listed that I don’t have…we’ll have to do something about that!).

These pages are devoted to providing information and links to archive material by or about M’Cheyne, one of my heros of the faith from the nineteenth century. We would be pleased to receive email notification of any further material by or about M’Cheyne that comes to light. If you have any questions about M’Cheyne or his works, please check the M’Cheyne FAQ before contacting us or visit the forum – that’s where you can find his famous Bible Reading Calendar (the most frequently asked question to date)

This is the new M’Cheyne website that has replaced the old one hosted here A revamp was necessary and so we have introduced a new design and layout that will hopefully be accepted by admirers of M’Cheyne. Please update your bookmarks and link to our new domain. Thank you! – D.HASLAM.

Looks like it’s time to get back to Israel

25 January 2011

Things are always changing in the land, and THIS is a fantastic development. We saw the relatively newly excavated pool of Siloam last time we were there, but it was not connected to the Old City. Good stuff.

British Evangelicalism

24 January 2011

The Evangelical Alliance has recently released a new report about evangelicalism in Britain. I point you HERE and HERE to see some response to it. It is actually useful reading the comments on these posts as well.

You can see the report HERE, and you can read about the methodology behind it HERE.

HT: Justin Taylor

Scientific accuracy – I love it!

23 January 2011

An article today spoke of the imminent (perhaps) supernova of a big star far away. It’s actually more often than I’d think that I end up laughing when reading some article of science or scientific claim. This one did it for me today. Here is how the article ends.

Brad Carter, senior lecturer of physics at the University of southern Queensland in Australia, said the explosion could take place before the end of the year – or indeed at any point over the next million years.

There you go folks, maybe before 2011’s out, or perhaps before 1,002,011 is out. Don’t hold your breath.

Be sure, your text will find you out

21 January 2011

Great stuff from the Australian Open. [watch ‘Interview Gone Wrong’ clip]

How to pray

20 January 2011

I found this message by Piper very refreshing, instructive, encouraging, and enlarging of my view of God. Simple, but profound. It certainly gives you the right perspective.

It’s worth your time. Watch it, and pray.


Common Grace in Leeds

14 January 2011

Just before moving to Leeds Illegal Jack’s came to Edinburgh. Well, it’s been a long 6 months here in Leeds, though I did manage a sneak up to Edinburgh and Illegal Jacks in November (I went for other reasons, but felt duty bound to eat there while in town). Yesterday, everything changed. I was meeting a chap in the city centre who is church planting in Leeds with Acts 29. Just before I got to the rendezvous point I walked past this

Two of these bad boys made it home with me and we feasted on our first barburritos of the year. No reason for our Edinburgh friends to not visit us now!

The one I’ve been waiting for

13 January 2011

This year at the Desiring God Pastors Conference John Piper’s biographical talk is going to be on Robert Murray M’Cheyne. Here’s a brief snippet of his preparation for this talk:

What is worship?

10 January 2011

Worship is the submission of all our nature to God.
It is the quickening of conscience by His Holiness.
The nourishment of the mind with His Truth.
The purifying of the imagination by His Beauty.
The opening of the heart to His Love.
The surrender of the Will to His Purpose.

Archbishop William Temple of Canterbury