The Nativity on BBC

This year the BBC did a 4 part series retelling the nativity. Overall it was better than I expected. There’s a fair bit of artistic liberty taken, but there were also a number of things I appreciated. Without giving too much away I’ll give the good and the not-so-good (I’ll keep the discussion general so there are no plot spoilers if you decide to watch it).

The good:
– The social stigma of an un-wed pregnant woman at the time was shown quite well. Jesus was not just born in a humble setting (laid in a manger) but in low (questionable, to onlookers) circumstances as well.
– There is a fair bit of scripture used throughout, particularly with the angel Gabriel.
– I liked the way they developed the shepherd in the story. I think this captured shepherds’ place in society and the social/national aspects of the time.
– The shepherds and the magi worshipped the baby Jesus.

The not so good:
– Too many blue eyed actors/resses (I thought is was only Hollywood that did this!).
– The magi’s route was altered from the biblical account, as was their guide (they also seemed a bit absent minded?).
– I think the biblical account would put Gabriel’s appearance to Joseph at a different time.


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