Beeston Non-Conformists

There are two chaps listed in Calamy’s Non-Conformists Memorials, though one of them appears with an *. Having one of these next to your name is either good or bad, there generally is no middle ground. If you are in the record books for being the fastest swimmer, but there is an * next to your name, we all know that some questionable strategies were taken to secure your win. Or, for my myriad of American readers, if you have a home run record with an * next to your name, well…

Anyhow, Mr. Leonard Scurr has an * next to his name. Why? In this case, it does seem to be a middle ground reason. Calamy was informed by a native of Beeston that Mr Scurr only occasionally assisted Mr Cudworth, who was ejected. However, Scurr is on all of the lists and Cudworth doesn’t appear anywhere. Maybe some nepotism going on here by relatives of Cudworth?

We are told that Mr Scurr had a good reputation in the neighbourhood, but that being ejected their house was robbed, the family murdered, and the house set on fire. The perpetrators fled to Ireland and one of the company was apprehended and hanged in Holbeck (adjacent to Beeston). This seems to be in print somewhere, but Calamy does not give the detail. Off to google books when we have time and we’ll see what else can be found out about Mr Scurr. We’ll look at some of the other Leeds non-conformists in the days ahead.

More can be read here and here (pg 137).


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