Raising Cain

I’m finishing up a remarkable book called Cain’s Redemption. It is about Angola prison in Louisiana. Virtually everyone there is on a life sentence or a death sentence for the crimes they have committed and have almost no hope of ever being free again. Almost all will die there, either by lethal injection or old age. But what you read about is quite surprising: a seminary, pastors, preachers, missionaries…and hope. You can see an illuminating documentary about the prison HERE. It’s twenty-odd minutes, but worth it.

Just one quote from the book that I found quite challenging and humbling. A prisoner said, “I’m praying that my desire to serve God would exceed my desire to get out of prison.” It’s quite a remarkable story of God’s grace. Read, watch, whatever, but see how God reaches all people in all places.


2 Responses to “Raising Cain”

  1. Chris Highcock Says:


    I have a friend in Edinburgh that is behind the annual Easter Play in Princes Street Gardens. She spent 3 weeks in that prison this summer working with the believers there to plan an Easter Play next year. She said it was an amazing time with some fantastic christians and totally reignited her passion as a believer.

  2. luehrmann Says:

    Chris, that’s great to hear! I’d love to hear how it goes if your friend gets that information next year. I imagine the Edinburgh play will be happening again next year?

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