Scotland and Yorkshire, in music

It’s the eve of our departure from Edinburgh to Leeds (with a brief visit back here in Edinburgh at the beginning of August) and there have been two main artists I’ve been listening to in the weeks and days leading up to our move.

The first will always remind me of Scotland, Dougie Maclean. I found out about his music just before my first visit to Scotland in 2000 and have been listening to him for a while now. I particularly remember a late night drive in the highlands back in 2000 when everyone else in the car had fallen asleep and I had Dougie to keep me company on the journey home.

The second, I think, will increasingly remind me of Yorkshire (I can’t say just now because we haven’t lived there yet). And that is Kate Rusby. I heard one of her albums in a used book shop here in Edinburgh (thanks William) and really enjoy her music.

We’ve seen Dougie in concert a number of times (we were among the younger ones in the crowd) and hope to see Rusby in the days ahead.

As a wee aside, here’s an idea for a way to help cement memories. I think it works. If you have a special trip or holiday or extended time with someone try listening to the same album again and again during your trip or time together. Then when you get home and the trip is over it quite easily floods back when you hear the music. I didn’t intend to do this, but when I hear the Long Line of Leavers album by Caedmon’s Call I think of driving from Munich, to Innsbruck, to Venice, to Rome, to Pisa, to Interlaken, to Liechtenstein, to Munich; all in a week (note to self, never drive in Rome again, just walk and use public transport with a keen eye out for pickpockets). Well, that’s the end of my advice. Now enjoy some music.


2 Responses to “Scotland and Yorkshire, in music”

  1. dad/bebo Says:

    I remember awesome God – Rich Mullins – and of course Wayne Watson or David Meece, forget which one did the classic “you can go now you can go”. That is a short trip that is a fun story to tell on you.

  2. Chris Says:

    The blog is pretty quiet Michael. How has the move gone?

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