It’s 1549

The masses of my astute blog readers will immediately know the significance of this date, particularly in relation to John Knox (and hence knoxville). For the rest, this is the year that Knox fled Scotland to serve the church in England under Edward VI. Knox ministered near Newcastle until the rise of Mary Tudor to the throne.

So, why is 2010 similar to 1549 you ask? Well, after nearly 6 years serving in Edinburgh, Scotland, we will be moving, God willing, to Leeds, England this summer. I have accepted a call to City Evangelical Church in south Leeds. It’s a bit further south than Newcastle, and I’m not fleeing for my life. Nor am I originally from Scotland. Also, I won’t be serving in the Church of England. But if we look past all of those things, it’s 1549.

This poses one last great question. Should I change the name of my world famous, stat exploding, trend setting blog? Would that affect the markets? Consumer confidence? The pound value? Well, rather than cause an uproar, I think I’ll merely amend to to be called ‘Knoxville c. 1549’. Sleep easy friends.


2 Responses to “It’s 1549”

  1. Colin Adams Says:


    That’s great news. So pleased for you, and for the church in Leeds.

  2. Chris Says:


    Good news! I went to university in Leeds, although that was a while ago – 1986-89 – but I enjoyed my time in the city. I still have friends who live down there. It feels like a big city in a way that Edinburgh doesn’t, but you can still escape to some pretty countryside without too much trouble. To the north around Ilkley and up to the Dales is beautiful. I like the local people too – a great down to earth attitude.

    It is a big university city as well, although most of the students live in the north of the city round Headingley. You will be handy for the football ground though and Rugby League is a local passion.

    I hope the move goes well. I have really enjoyed your preaching in the time I’ve been attending Carrubbers – especially the series on Genesis.

    Hope the move goes well.

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