Hugh Martin’s value

HERE is a wee article I came across about Hugh Martin. It seeks to highlight some values of Martin, and begins by considering the enigma of Martin. Why isn’t he better remembered when he seems so highly esteemed by those who have read him. Not much answer is given to the enigma of Martin and why his writings seemed to be so quickly forgotten, and, in my opinion, his writing style (really the only reason given in the article) is a positive, not a negative. I have found Martin a joy to read. He is a talented and gifted writer and I don’t think his writing style can be given any responsibility for his writings being overlooked. In fact, one of the reasons he wanted to write on the atonement was because others (with whom he’d agree) had been too dry and formulaic in doing so.

My advice, go read Hugh Martin. There are a number of things in print, and hopefully more in the days ahead.


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