Hello, I Love You

That’s the name of a new book by Ted Kluck (co-author with DeYoung on Why We’re Not Emergent, and Why We Love the Church). It sounds like it will be a great read. Here’s the blurb.

There is perhaps no feeling lonelier than that of being a stranger in astrange land — an experience many adoptive parents know well. Touching down in a crowded airport, with tens of thousands of dollars in cash strapped around your waist, to pay people you’ve never met for a baby you’ve never seen . . . . You might have prayed for months, even years, about that moment, but it still often feels like the foreign country is a region God has forgotten, and that He has sent you there in vain. For the young Christian couple, perhaps the only feeling more paralyzing and lonely than the one I’ve described is that of infertility. There are pregnancy announcements nearly every week in the church bulletin, and not wanting to “rain on your friends’ parade,” you suffer and grieve together in silence.

This is the story of two international adoptions, complete with piles ofcash, passport checks, airport con-men, electrocution, and Ukrainian cops on our doorstep with guns. It’s all part of the wild ride that is internationaladoption. But so is God’s faithfulness taking new forms each day through the love of friends, the support of family, the comfort of Scripture, and thefellowship of a new church family in a foreign land. And so is the joy ofmeeting two boys who will soon become part of your family — the sensation of walking down narrow hallways through dark orphanages to say “hello” to your children for the first time.


2 Responses to “Hello, I Love You”

  1. Chris Says:

    Why We’re Not Emergent is a superb book – if you have not read it, I’d heartily recommend it.

  2. luehrmann Says:

    I haven’t read it, but have heard many good things about it. I might need to read it fairly soon, depending how quickly the whole emergent thing dies off.

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