Together for the Gospel (and burritos)

Most of the messages from the recent Together for the Gospel conference are up and look to be a feast. Speaking of feasts, I managed along to Illegal Jack’s today (sooner than expected) for a burrito and was not disappointed in the least. It doesn’t match Freebirds, but, living in Edinburgh, it was all I hoped for. And I even learned something while I was there, that fajitas are a Texan invention. Who knew?


3 Responses to “Together for the Gospel (and burritos)”

  1. Richard Agnew Says:


    Our congregation in PEI graced us with the opportunity to go to T4G this year. It was truly wonderful! The talks were excellent. I don’t see C.J Mahaney’s up just yet. It was the capstone to it all – 2 Tim. 4 – Ordinary Pastors! Superb stuff. Bumped into Colin Adams, Liam Garvie and Paul Rees whilst I was there too! Ran into Eric Bancroft, an old Masters grad. We met back in 2000 at CCC. Wherever you head to next in ministry ask your leadership if they can subsidize your going to T4G 2012 in whatever way they can. Well worth it … especially for the freebess and the singing alone! Piper’s message will blow your mind!


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