Burritos in Edinburgh!

I was thrilled yesterday to be informed of a burrito place in Edinburgh that, at least from this person’s description, sounds very similar to Chipotle or Freebirds. So, hopefully in the next week or so I can do some reconnaissance and visit Illegal Jack’s.


4 Responses to “Burritos in Edinburgh!”

  1. dad Says:

    eet loooks preety goood. Weesh I cold join you. Maybe soon. Oe thing every dad should do is teach his son to make a proper burrito.


  2. tangiblethoughts Says:

    Interesting that you’re in Scotland and have mentioned Freebirds. We have a couple of Freebirds in College Station, TX. Any connection between you and TAMU?

  3. luehrmann Says:

    I grew up in Katy, Texas and made numerous visits to College Station (not just for burritos, but on occasion that was the only reason). We visited my parents this last Christmas and I went to a Freebirds in Houston. We’ve lived in Edinburgh for about 6 years now. And now, I just have to walk into town and get the Scottish equivalent; not as good, but great for over here.

  4. tangiblethoughts Says:

    Katy, eh? I met my wife in Katy in the late ’80s when I served on the staff of First Baptist Church. The church was located in “Old Town” Katy on Ave. A. Now, they are located on Pin Oak close to I-10. And, a niece by marriage and her husband and family have recently moved to Aberdeen where he has jsut started his PhD studies. Maybe y’all could connect sometime. Blessing.

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