Have fun storming the castle

Yesterday I took Anna to Edinburgh castle on a date. She was very excited about going and an unknown perk was that under 5s are free (which helped subsidise the overpriced attraction). Anna was quite chatty through the day and I thought I’d share two of those moments.

The first was when we were walking through the bit with all the royal history of Scotland leading up to the crown jewels and the stone of destiny (which is apparently the stone Joseph used to rest on when he saw the ladder going from earth to heaven, all I have to say is, if this was his pillow he must have been bigger than I’ve ever imagined him to be). As we made our way into the room with the jewels and stone Anna mentioned that everyone seemed to be very quiet around us. I mentioned that there was lots of writing on the walls and by the displays and people were reading them so they couldn’t talk. Her response? “We don’t need to read them because we already know everything.”

The second was a bit more surprising. We were in part of the royal residence and there was a massive painting of Charles II. I mentioned to Anna that he was an evil king and she asked why. I gave her a short answer in saying that he didn’t tell the truth to people and was unkind to people who loved Jesus. She responded, “Is it because he didn’t tell the truth about his child, that is wasn’t his child?” I’m not sure where Anna got that idea, she said she just made it up. But if memory serves me correctly, that is actually a very accurate description of Charles’ attempt to have a male heir (James) to follow him. Anyhow, I was quite impressed by Anna’s knowledge of British history. It is all intertwined with the history of the church, but I didn’t try to explain all of that to her.

Here are a few pictures from our day.


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