If I was interviewing Brian McLaren

for church membership. Let’s see…

When I interview folks and ask them what it means to be a Christian, if words like ‘faith,’ ‘grace,’ ‘cross of Christ,’ etc. are missing and all they talk about are the works that they do, then I generally share the gospel with them. I realise this probably isn’t McLaren’s comprehensive definition of being a Christian, but it is telling. In his latest quandary about why evangelicals are upset with him (which, by the way, if he doesn’t understand why folks are unhappy with him then he doesn’t understand Christ and Christianity) he says, “I’m a Christian. I love God, Jesus, the Bible, prayer, worship, serving others — the whole package.” Lots of works mentioned there, but nothing of faith, grace, and the work of Christ. So, what would I do if I were interviewing him?

The glory of the gospel is that it is all of God’s grace. When people get rid of God’s grace, trying to sneak their well intentioned works in, everything collapses.


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