Finally, we understand Genesis

This week has seen a number of folks posting things about the early chapters of Genesis and how the church must catch up with the times and reinterpret the creation account (Peter Enns, Bruce Walke, and 2 differing responses to Walke here and here). I’m just glad to live during a time when, after 2000 years of getting it wrong, we have finally arrived and are getting it right. Poor folks who preceded us. They didn’t have a clue.

Just one question I have. If people in the 17th century were interpreting Genesis with an origins worldview no longer able to be held, then I imagine the apostle Paul was too. So now the difficulty is to understand what St. Paul really said, even though he didn’t know he was saying it, because we need to reinterpret him from within a worldview he didm’t work under. It’s hard to see how you could maintain that Paul doesn’t offer erroneous teaching about Adam in this case.

And in the end, which is what the whole kerfuffle is all about really, the doctrine of scripture goes down the gutter.

Here are a few previous posts: here and here.


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