Be men

I found the following quotes from a news article fairly encouraging.

They were able to link high levels of the male hormone testosterone in those who lose their hair earlier…Baldness is caused when hair follicles become exposed to too much dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a chemical produced by the male hormone testosterone. Experts believe that men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to lose their hair.

So I’ve had too much testosterone all these years. And let’s not forget Leviticus 13.40 – If a man’s hair falls out from his head, he is bald; he is clean.


2 Responses to “Be men”

  1. Emily Says:

    Hilarious! Are you going to quote this in your sermon to make it more “personal”??

  2. Donna Bell Says:

    Thank you for the “chuckle of the day!” Oh, for more real men like you! Blessings on you this week, Mikey

    Mom Bell

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