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Finally, we understand Genesis

31 March 2010

This week has seen a number of folks posting things about the early chapters of Genesis and how the church must catch up with the times and reinterpret the creation account (Peter Enns, Bruce Walke, and 2 differing responses to Walke here and here). I’m just glad to live during a time when, after 2000 years of getting it wrong, we have finally arrived and are getting it right. Poor folks who preceded us. They didn’t have a clue.

Just one question I have. If people in the 17th century were interpreting Genesis with an origins worldview no longer able to be held, then I imagine the apostle Paul was too. So now the difficulty is to understand what St. Paul really said, even though he didn’t know he was saying it, because we need to reinterpret him from within a worldview he didm’t work under. It’s hard to see how you could maintain that Paul doesn’t offer erroneous teaching about Adam in this case.

And in the end, which is what the whole kerfuffle is all about really, the doctrine of scripture goes down the gutter.

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Glasgow with the kids

29 March 2010

Last week I took the train down to Leeds and Elijah was a bit beside himself that only Papa was going on the train and no one else. So, in an effort to give Emily some time and space to work on her talk for Index, I took Anna and Elijah to Glasgow on the Train.

On and off raining dampened some of our plans, but we did manage a wee trip to the Apple store, seeing the newly refurbished interior of the Tron, and, of course, a trip to Voltaire and Rousseau bookshop. I wish I had taken pictures of the shop each time I visited over the last 6 years, because it used to be a bit tidier. Here are a few pictures, one of the kids, and one of the theology/bible section of the shop.

Our trip finished with some banana marshmallow ice cream!

Hitchens vs Hitchens

17 March 2010

I am familiar with and have heard Christopher Hitchens arguments against christianity, but I was not aware that his brother, Peter, was a christian. Here is a debate between the two (note that it is about the Iraq war and religion). There was also an article this week that gives a portion of Peter’s new book due out in May. Here is a preview of the book.

Here is my favourite comment from the first few on the youtube clip (don’t waster your time reading them in my opinion).

The title of his book is profoundly stupid too. If you are an atheist you can’t have a “rage against god”.

No comment necessary on that one. Actually, I’ll say one thing, consider the title of Christopher’s book.

Be men

16 March 2010

I found the following quotes from a news article fairly encouraging.

They were able to link high levels of the male hormone testosterone in those who lose their hair earlier…Baldness is caused when hair follicles become exposed to too much dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a chemical produced by the male hormone testosterone. Experts believe that men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to lose their hair.

So I’ve had too much testosterone all these years. And let’s not forget Leviticus 13.40 – If a man’s hair falls out from his head, he is bald; he is clean.

Ironic and sad

11 March 2010

Here are two posts (here and here) by Al Mohler about the realities of the imbalance of abortion. It seems the two highest groups to be aborted are black children and girls. Seems is probably not a strong enough word, the facts clearly confirm this. The irony is that in the name of women’s rights, it is the young girls who are suffering. Until the public allow the discussion to include the image of God in people, rather than economic or societal or carbon impact, the situation will only continue to spiral down. So it is the gospel that is needed, not more eduction or government programmes. May the church stand up for those with no voice and no protection.

Good counsel

5 March 2010

Here is a great section of the Q & A with MacArthur at the Shepherd’s Conference.

You can live stream the conference from HERE. There is still one day left of it. Apparently Mohler’s sermon on John 9 last night was very powerful. Will have to download it and get it on the ipod.

What’s the problem

1 March 2010

Amos was a prophet to the 10 northern tribes of Israel. He begins his prophecy by denouncing all of the surrounding nations (Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, Ammon, Moab, and Judah). But as he does this he closes the circle in and finally shines the light on Israel. I can imagine what my response would have been during the judgments proclaimed on Israel’s neighbours, “It’s about time. They are finally getting what they deserve.”

But the whole point Amos is making is that the problem does not, first, lie in those who surround Israel, but rather Israel is the problem. So don’t look beyond yourself to see what’s wrong with the world, look in your heart to see what is wrong with the world. But don’t stop there. The only reason we look at ourselves and our failures is to then look to Christ, the one who saves us from ourselves. The Scottish preacher Robert Murray M’Cheyne once said, “For every 1 look at yourself take 10 looks at Christ.”