A long time…

since there’s been a post. When life speeds up, the blog slows down. I know it is a huge disappointment to the bulk of readers, but some things can’t be avoided. Just pointing out a few things for you all today:

Here is a neat 360 degree view of various parts of Jerusalem, some of which you cannot go to.

This video has helped me to know I haven’t gone too far in regards to books and a library. I particularly appreciated the tip found at about the 3.20 mark on the video.

Here (and here) is an interesting interview with Carl Trueman.

And, who isn’t excited about the Apple event today (besides Todd Bolen – though I still read his blogs). I’m looking forward to it (date night in tonight – San Francisco is 8 hours behind us, so we get the news at the end of the day).

Lastly, my wife has asked me to write a song about my guitar buying and selling over the last number of months. It’s probably a good idea. I’ll save the detail for the song, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

One more thing, actually, an adventure awaits as I am hoping to install an iPod connector into our car. Looks involved, but with help I think we can do it. I hope to tell of success in the days ahead.


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