Further reflections

Well, I’m about to head to Freebirds with a dear friend. Good food, good company, good stuff. Any place who names their burritos ‘monsters’ must be good. When I get home I’ll have to tell Anna that I destroyed a monster (one of her current make-believe games to play).

I continue to be annoyed by how people drive here. Two days ago someone stopped (fully stopped) on the motorway (not on the side of the road, but in the right lane) because they thought they were going the wrong way. Just stopped. I’m not joking. We slowed as we passed, hopefully no one ran into the car (it was 65mph where they stopped). During about a 2 minute interval in a parking lot I could have hit no less than 4 cars and not been at fault. And the turn indicator naivety continues.

Friends and family here in the States have been overwhelmingly generous to us. It’s hard to know how to respond at times. We give thanks to God for his faithful and generous provision for us.

One gift that I’m sure I’ll enjoy in the days ahead is a t-shirt that I was given.

I’m looking forward to the college football championship today, but am tired of the amount of media attention leading up to the game. I don’t care much about the hotel where the players are staying. Even though my dad went to Texas A & M, now that we live in the UK, I’m ok hoping Texas University wins the game.

And last, a perspective fix from the experience of some friends. Brian and Anita are missionaries in Malawi who are in Los Angeles just now. A few days ago Anita started having seizures, but not the normal kind. She is conscious and can talk during them. She is at UCLA medical center, they are hoping for some answers, and their trust and faith is in our sovereign God. Please pray for them and you can follow what is happening on their blog.

I have to go now to clean up some hard boiled eggs that someone started and left and have now exploded in the kitchen.


2 Responses to “Further reflections”

  1. Donna Bell Says:


    I am always encouraged by your patient perspective on life…and it is good to know that I am not the only one who has abandoned eggs in the kitchen! Those eggs leave a smelly mess and you are a real man for rescuing the house!!! Hugs from NC

  2. mom Says:

    hey – i finally made your blog. wish i could have seen your face when the cover blew off!!! thanks for the clean up šŸ™‚ praying for the weekend.

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