Reflections on America

We are spending a few weeks with family over Christmas and New Year back in America. Having lived in Edinburgh for 5.5 years now, some things stand out more than they ever have. Here are a few of my initial thoughts:

– There are churches everywhere here, and they are big. I’m not sure what the content found in each is, but the buildings are very nice.

– Having spent a few days driving to go to a friend’s wedding it seems that people don’t realise their cars have turn indicators that can be used to alert other drivers that they will be turning/changing lanes. It also seems that when you use your own turn indicators that other people are unaware of what they mean exactly. Initial thoughts are that people in Britain are better drivers overall.

– Not everything is bigger in Texas, toilet roll squares are smaller. Must be a conservation effort or something.

– I don’t know that I’d have to drive more than 5 minutes from any point in Texas to find a mexican restaurant (this is nice).

– I have not yet talked with anyone that thinks the health care bill is a good thing. At some point I remember hearing something to the effect of “by the people, for the people.” Not sure how that is working out here.

– Petrol is enjoyably cheaper here.

– The temptation to buy things is greater because stuff, not groceries though, is generally much cheaper (I did cave in once so far and picked up a Buzz Lightyear shirt for Elijah for $1.74!).

– You now have to pay to check bags on domestic air flights (I think we’ll up the count of our carry-ons next time).

Tomorrow I hope to post some reflections on the incarnation, which should be more helpful than today’s.


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