Trace Bundy @ Carrubbers

Saturday night we had the wonderful privilege of having Trace Bundy do a concert at Carrubbers. If you have not heard of Trace Bundy, check him out on YouTube. He is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. But even within that genre of music he is unique. He has a few DVD concerts that you can get (in addition to a number of cds), or if he is playing near where you stay you should definitely check him out. He is also a christian, who is seeking to honour God with the talents he has blessed him with. He has talent oozing out of his fingers, but is a very humble man who does not see himself as better than others. The entire evening was a thrill. He is hoping to come back to the UK in June 2010. Here are some pics from last night (thanks to Anna Lamber for the pics!).

Trace plays a McPherson which sounds incredible. He also uses Kyser capos.

Trace’s wife Becca playing the bass line of one particular song.


One Response to “Trace Bundy @ Carrubbers”

  1. dad Says:

    I could do that if I wanted to.
    I just don’t want to <;-?
    What great talent

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