It’s been a while and I know my myriad of readers are pining for a new post. Here’s a smorgasbord of things from the past week or so.

Bruce Ware gives a talk on a philosophy of teaching, particularly related to teaching your children. Personally, I think this would be helpful for anyone to listen to, not just parents. As I listened to it, I kept thinking to myself, “Everyone should hear this.” One thing he said in talking about trying to get from the head to the heart was that people don’t do what they know, they do what they love. It’s not enough to know the truth, you must love it. He also had a brief rant about The Shack and the reason it is so popular is because it presents God as we’d like him to be, not the way he truly is.

My good friend James Dolezal defends the credobaptist position. I haven’t listened to it yet (hope to this week), but I’m sure to be stimulated and helped. I’ll be teaching on baptism in a few weeks and am also planning on going through the new three views book on baptistm, with Sinclair Ferguson defending paedobaptism.

If you are in the UK, the BBC is showing a 6 part series on the history of Christianity by Diarmaid MacCulloch. You can watch the episodes on the BBC iPlayer. This has also been released as a book by MacCulloch, which if his book on Cranmer or the Reformation are anything to go by, it will be excellent.

Tim Keller’s book Counterfeit Gods is one of the best things on idolatry that I have read. The chapter on success was particularly convicting. Read it.

Trace Bundy (check him out on youtube) will be playing a concert at Carrubbers this Saturday night. If you are near Edinburgh it would be well worth your time to come to it. He’ll do things on the guitar they you’d never imagine or believe. Good stuff.

Just when you thought you were safe, something else comes your way.

Lastly, a quote from D A Carson, “Perhaps the greatest benefit of democracy is that it provides a peaceful way of turning blighters out every few years, and selecting others.”


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