Travel with John Calvin

My guess is most of us didn’t make it to Geneva for the Calvin500 events. Perhaps the next best thing arrived in the post today. It is the latest DayOne book in the ‘Travel With’ series, which is on John Calvin. Travel_with_John_Calvin(3)If you haven’t read any in this series (which is quite extensive now: Knox, M’Cheyne, Martyrs of Mary Tudor, Bible in the British Museum, Bunyan, etc.) you are missing out. They are fantastic brief (120 pages each) biographies that have voluminous pictures and extremely helpful information if you want to visit these places. They are worth reading even if you aren’t going to be going to Geneva or Frankfurt. We have benefited from a number of these here in the UK. It would be great if DayOne did some city specific ones instead of just people specific. I’ll have to let them know.

The other one that came with Calvin in the post is on Egypt. My wife has been, but I haven’t, so this will have to do.


One Response to “Travel with John Calvin”

  1. Emily Says:

    Hmmm….This book would have made the 04 Reformation Tour a bit easier!

    We could always go back to Egypt someday!

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