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The Seed of the Word

28 October 2009

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Seeds Family Worship scripture music albums are some of the best things around for the family. It is scripture put to music, but it’s not hokey and its style and instrumentation is such that it is something that adults enjoy listening to as well. It’s a great way to get the word implanted. The website also has some other resources. And, it looks like when you buy a CD it comes with 2 in the case so you can give one away. How good is that! I hear a DVD is in the works. Maybe in time for Christmas? We’ll see. Enjoy and benefit from the good folks at Seeds Family Worship.


The Fingers of God

26 October 2009

PA230058Last week we escaped up to the northwest coast of Scotland for a few days of rest. The scenery was absolutely stunning. Here are a few pics from our trip.


Travel with John Calvin

16 October 2009

My guess is most of us didn’t make it to Geneva for the Calvin500 events. Perhaps the next best thing arrived in the post today. It is the latest DayOne book in the ‘Travel With’ series, which is on John Calvin. Travel_with_John_Calvin(3)If you haven’t read any in this series (which is quite extensive now: Knox, M’Cheyne, Martyrs of Mary Tudor, Bible in the British Museum, Bunyan, etc.) you are missing out. They are fantastic brief (120 pages each) biographies that have voluminous pictures and extremely helpful information if you want to visit these places. They are worth reading even if you aren’t going to be going to Geneva or Frankfurt. We have benefited from a number of these here in the UK. It would be great if DayOne did some city specific ones instead of just people specific. I’ll have to let them know.

The other one that came with Calvin in the post is on Egypt. My wife has been, but I haven’t, so this will have to do.

Some thoughts on Baptism

14 October 2009

Here are a few of my initial thoughts on baptism, particularly thinking about the continuity it has (or doesn’t have) with circumcision:

– circumcision identified people with the visible people of God  – it was not a sign of circumcision of the heart (salvation from sin)

– baptism IS a sign of being baptized with Christ into his death and resurrection – identifying not merely with the visible church, but pointing to the reality, the salvation from Christ that makes one a part of the invisible church

– circumcision was a sign of the redeemed from Egypt, not the redeemed from sin

– baptism is a sign of the redeemed from sin


9 October 2009

When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul. Psalm 94.19

What are you?

7 October 2009

We recently ordered a dress for wee Anna and here was the dropdown menu to choose the title prefix to my name. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such options. Perhaps I should have chosen ‘squadron leader?’


Kindle Worldwide

7 October 2009

Amazon has announced the Kindle will be supported in over 100 countries. Good stuff.

Gospel-Driven Sanctification

2 October 2009

If you do not believe you have died to sin’s guilt, you cannot trust Christ for the strength to subdue its power in your life. So the place to begin in dealing with sin is to believe the gospel when it says you have died to sin’s guilt.

~ Jerry Bridges

Sermon Evaluation

2 October 2009

We’re starting a small preaching training course at Carrubbers and here is the evaluation form we’ve created (mainly picking and choosing bits from other forms we have or have been given). It’s certainly not set in stone, feedback is most welcome.