Baptism views

Baptism: Three Views just arrived from Amazon yesterday. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time. I had a friend tell me some years ago that I would change my view if I sat in on Sinclair Ferguson’s lectures on baptism. He presents the paedobaptist view in this book, which I guess is as close as I’ll get to his lectures. Entering in to this debate I appreciate the quote from Rabbi Duncan that Ferguson gives at the beginning of his chapter, “I am first a Christian, next a Catholic, then a Calvinist, fourth a Paedobaptist and finally a Presbyterian.” As much as I respect and have continuously benefited from Ferguson, I don’t imagine being persuaded. Some months back I read R. Scott Clark’s series of posts on paedobaptism and didn’t find them convincing. I hesitate to enter into debate on the subject. It is surely important, though secondary. Perhaps I’ll post some thoughts on baptism in the days ahead.


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