The Exegetical Society

This last week I had a serendipitous experience. Someone from the States was visiting and I was giving a wee church history tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town (which if you are ever in this neck of the woods and want shown around I’d be happy to do so). Verging a little from my normal route we ended up at the Free Church College. I’ve been here before and have used their library numerous times, but today we were shown around by John and saw things I had never seen. Now, I don’t believe in relics and such, but this day was probably as close as I’ll get. While there we were shown a book containing 10 pastoral letters from Robert Murray M’Cheyne (yes the real letters!) which have since been republished here.

But the jaw-dropping sight was this.


In 1838 M’Cheyne, along with Andrew Bonar, George Smeaton, Alexander Somerville and others, formed the exegetical society. This would group would meet on Saturday mornings presenting papers and discussing exegetical issues. Anyhow, I have a facsimile of the above charter, but I had no idea the real thing was sitting just over a mile from our flat. Needless to say it was an exciting afternoon.

May God raise up men constrained by the love of Christ and committed to the preaching of his word such as this country saw 150 years ago.


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