Hugh Martin Reprints

A few recent reprints of some of Hugh Martin’s books is something to be celebrated, and hopefully read.

9781845504694The first is The Abiding Presence, or what used to be called Christ’s Presence in the Gospel History, published by Christian Focus Publishers here in Scotland. It has long been quite difficult to obtain, so this is fantastic to have it newly republished. All I’ll say about it is that if you read this book you will never read the bible the same again, particularly the gospels. Rich, rich stuff.

31MYt6ZLnrL._SS500_The second is Martin’s most significant work, The Atonement. Reformed Academic Press are publishing this. It should have been published by now, but looks to be running a bit behind schedule. Martin’s work remains unanswered by his opponents, and for good reason in my estimation. His purpose in the book is not to do a systematic treatment of the atonement, but to give ‘conditions’ under which it ought to be discussed. You’ll have to read him for yourself to see if you agree, but much of the confusion within evangelicalism today concerning the atonement would be swept away if folks took the time to consider Martin.


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