John Newton on the ministry (part 2)

Here are three points Newton gives in regards to the ministry and his view of it before he entered into it.

1. With respect to the END I aim at, I have no other, than the glory of God, and the good of precious souls; and that I am not influenced by the view or hope of any worldly profit or worldly honour.

2. With regard to the WORK – I hope I am in some measure aware of its weight and importance and am willing to enter upon it accordingly, so as to make it the sole business of my life: to devote all my time, strength, talents and interest to the carrying it on; to allow myself no engagement, converse, correspondence or study, which I cannot conscientiously pursue as subservient to this main point.

3. With regard to the MEANS, I trust I have a real conviction of my own insufficiency, and that no considerations could in any case induce me to enter upon such an undertaking, but my reliance on the power and faithfulness of Jesus my Lord.


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