I can’t remember who it was now, but I was encouraged a few months back to find out that someone else had a “graves” picture folder on their laptop. This last weekend I added a few to my collection. It was time to hunt down Hugh Martin’s grave here in Edinburgh. I knew he was buried in the Grange Cemetery, which is quite big. I had found Thomas Chalmers grave there some years ago, but hadn’t been back since. After a little while of searching I happened upon Martin’s grave. It turns out he is buried in a patch of a number of Free Church of Scotland ministers and churchmen. Sure to be an active spot on resurrection day. Anyhow, here are some pics. You can see William Cunningham’s grave behind Martin’s. To the right of Martin’s grave (in another picture) is George Smeaton. Across the footpath from Smeaton is Patrick Fairnbairn. And then, up the path from Fairnbairn is Thomas Chalmers. I imagine there are more Free Church men in the general vicinity, but we had been there long enough and it was time to go.



One Response to “R.I.P.”

  1. Matthew Hyde Says:

    I am also glad to find I am not the only one to collect pictures of graves! I had the opportunity to visit Grange this summer and spent 2 hours in the rain happily wondering round the graves. It was not till I got back on the bus I realised just how wet I had got. There are certainly a lot more Free Church graves in the area, with Rabbi Duncan, Alex Duff, W. K. Tweedie etc all being in the same plot. Also some more recent FC worthies such as Principal John Macleod. I also had an unfruitful search for the grave of Angus of the Hills in Uig, Skye, this summer. If you know any information on its whereabouts it would be gratefully received.

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