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The Difficulty of Gospel Ministry

31 August 2009

It is easy to serve. It is hard to be holy. Yet, more often than not, it is our service that people see and not our holiness. But God looks at the heart.


Edinburgh Expositor’s Conference Audio

28 August 2009

It is not all up yet, but the audio from this week’s conference can be found HERE. It is well worth your time. Lawson focused on the ‘why’ of expository preaching; Grainger focused on preaching from Jeremiah; and Dyer on Expository Evangelism. Good stuff all around and very instructive. Please pray for this conference as they are sorting things out for next year’s gathering.

The progress of culture

26 August 2009

Every now and then we re-invent the human problem (condition). It is called the progress of culture.

~ Craig Dyer from his first seminar on Expository Evangelism

Edinburgh Expositors Conference

24 August 2009

THIS is where I’ll be for the next 3 days. Looking forward to being fed and instructed.

John Newton on the ministry (part 3)

24 August 2009

Some final thoughts from Newton’s journals considering pastoral ministry. Towards the end he has his own section of resolutions (think Jonathan Edwards here) as he anticipates his first charge. One of these resolutions seeks to have 3 primary emphases in his pastoral preaching and work. These are:

1. The doctrine of Jesus Christ crucified.

2. The great doctrine of the love of God.

3. The practice of gospel holiness.

Oh that these three things might be the response of one’s sheep when asked about what things identify their shepherd.

John Newton on the ministry (part 2)

22 August 2009

Here are three points Newton gives in regards to the ministry and his view of it before he entered into it.

1. With respect to the END I aim at, I have no other, than the glory of God, and the good of precious souls; and that I am not influenced by the view or hope of any worldly profit or worldly honour.

2. With regard to the WORK – I hope I am in some measure aware of its weight and importance and am willing to enter upon it accordingly, so as to make it the sole business of my life: to devote all my time, strength, talents and interest to the carrying it on; to allow myself no engagement, converse, correspondence or study, which I cannot conscientiously pursue as subservient to this main point.

3. With regard to the MEANS, I trust I have a real conviction of my own insufficiency, and that no considerations could in any case induce me to enter upon such an undertaking, but my reliance on the power and faithfulness of Jesus my Lord.

Christmas idea?

21 August 2009

This is amazing…but probably useless in all practicality. Would be great to see people’s reactions when you pull it out of your back pocket. A bit pricey though.


Sinclair Ferguson on Divine Election

21 August 2009

I was humbled this week listening to Ferguson unfold the doctrine of election. It, along with the other 2 messages (on the sufficiency of scripture and the Holy Spirit), is certainly worth your time. As an added bonus you get to hear him pull off a posh English accent towards the beginning of his message.

One of the great marks that someone truly understands the doctrine is humility.

John Newton on the ministry

20 August 2009

Recently a wee booklet called “Ministry on my mind,” by John Newton has been published. I’ll be posting a few choice bits from it over the next number of days. Today we’ll hear Newton’s brief thoughts early on about who is able for ministry. He writes

Whenever I think of a minister, I necessarily suppose such a one (if honoured and useful) must have

– an extensive knowledge of the scripture,

– a large stock of divine experience,

– an eminent degree of discernment and prudence,

– an ardent thirst for the glory of God, and the salvation of souls,

– and a readiness and aptitude to bring forth out of his treasuries those instructions the Lord has given him, according as circumstances require either for stated or occasional services.

More to come.

Interesting thoughts on hell

14 August 2009

HERE is a synopsis of an interview soon to be aired on the BBC. Obviously there are a number of problematic issues with the Archbishop, but I was curious how close his view of hell is with that of Tim Keller? I’m not saying that Tim Keller believes and teaches everything Rowan Williams does, but this sounded vaguely familiar to what I read in The Reason for God a few years back. Just curious.