BackToCalvarySMLChristian music over the years ebbs and flows. Sometimes there is great thought put into lyrics, sometimes not. Sometimes there is great effort put into making music that is excellent, sometimes not. Sometimes there is care and attention given to make sure the content of the songs is true and God-honouring, sometimes not. Sometimes Christian music is produced merely to be sold, sometimes not. But rarely does a group like Enfield come along.

These guys are oozing with musical talent, have incredible songwriting gifts, have a clear and evident love for the Lord and his grace to them in Jesus Christ, and have two albums which thoughtfully put forward great doctrines of the faith. They lead the music for the Resolved conference, but I would not classify their albums as ‘praise and worship’ genre. There are a few hymns between the two albums that have been given contemporary dress, but primarily original songs by the band. In this sense I would say they are a bit like Fernando Ortega in that the album has a worshipful feel to it, has a hymn or two, but is mainly original songs that are not the over-common ‘praise and worship’ style. Musically, they are much more varied than Ortega. Much louder, but still offering quieter and more restful songs as well. I think ‘rock’ would be the best overall description. Most of it is quite upbeat, though there is a mix of tempo. If you like uilleann pipes you’ll particularly enjoy their second album, Back to Calvary. A bit of an Emerald Isle feel to a number of the tracks.

As you listen your soul is fed and your affections stirred. You will learn theology and all about the Christian life in what you hear. Here is the blurb for their newest album:

As believers, we rejoice that our “old self” has been crucified with Christ, our Redeemer, and sin has been dealt the mortal blow. But this does not mean that we should become complacent about sin. Every day we must kill the sin that remains in our lives and pray that God would direct and perfect our wayward love. Back To Calvary includes twelve new songs from Enfield and serves as an invitation to focus once again on the Savior who demonstrated His glorious love at the cross.

What you will be treated to with a listen to either of Enfield’s cds will be uncommon, in the best sense of the word. Head to their website, Amazon, or iTunes and treat yourself.


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