The Love of God

I’m reading Strauch’s Love or Die: Christ’s Wake-Up Call to the Church. It is brief, yet powerful. Today I was reminded of the foundation of my love for others being found in God’s love to me, specifically in the gospel and the cross of Christ. The love of God is not something I think about enough. Certainly not a place to be mentally hasty and to rush on to something else. Well, all of this has prompted me to create an iTunes ‘love songs’ playlist. Now this isn’t stuff like ‘Lady in Red’ or ‘Everything I do,’ (reminds me of Robin Hood with Kevin Costner: “Why a spoon cousin?” “Because it’s dull you twit, it’ll hurt more!”) but songs speaking of the incomprehensible and powerful love of God to us in Christ (and a few about our response and desire for love to God and others). Here are a few that made the list:

Hide Away in the Love of Jesus – Sovereign Grace
The Love of God – Rich Mullins
His Love can Never Fail – Matthew Smith
The Love of Christ is Rich and Free – Sandra McCracken
The Love of Christ – Wes King
More Love to Thee – Fernando Ortega
Your Glorious Love – Enfield (more about them in another post)
Oh the Deep Deep Love – Sovereign Grace (a lovely modern version of this fantastic hymn)
Jesus, Lover of my Soul – Red Mountain Music
The King of Love my Shepherd Is – The Master’s Chorale (Light All Around)
and many more.

Any you would add to the list?

What a joy to know the love of God in Christ. May we pray for love to God. May we pray for love to others. May we pray that others know the love of God in Christ, that they may know how high, wide, long, and deep is the love of Christ.


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