The Odes Projects

odesI hadn’t heard of the Odes Project until I stumbled across them on iTunes looking for Fernando Ortega music. I only listened to a few of the songs, but these seem to be two fantastic albums. The quality of them is two-fold: content and music.

It would certainly be worth your time to read the few pages about the project on the project webpage.

The Odes Project is based on the Odes of Solomon, which is perhaps the earliest Christian hymnal known. It was discovered in the early 20th century and dates to the end of the 1st century, perhaps from the area of Antioch. So there is a fantastic link with the early Christian church in these odes/hymns. And for those in the Western church it is in a tradition that has stayed more with the Eastern church than the Western. Hughes Oliphant Old was also consulted on the historical aspect of these pieces.

The producer and primary man behind the project is John Schreiner. If you are not familiar with him, his name alone on these projects would show their worthwhileness. The artists on the album are varied. It is generally fairly subdued, though at times is a bit more upbeat. There are also musical flavours of the Middle East giving it some continuity with those who originally composed these odes.

The result is an enjoyable and worshipful devotional experience.

From the website:

The Odes are as eloquent about Christian love as the Franciscans compositions, as evocative about grace as Calvin’s Institutes, as profoundly indicative of holiness as the works of John and Charles Wesley; indeed, most Christians today admit feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit when hearing the singing of the Odes.

For those involved in leading worship services the website has chord charts, lead sheets, powerpoints, choral music, etc. Looks very helpful.


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