Adopted for Life – Russell Moore

Adoption is a gospel issue. Adoption is spiritual warfare. The church ought to have within it a culture of adoption. Russell Moore hopes that you believe these things by the time you finish reading his book. Throughout his book he seamlessly weaves together theological aspects of adoption as he gives his experience in adopting. In this sense it is not a systematic treatment, nor is it a manual on adoption, but it is a passionate call for the church to rise and meet this gospel opportunity.

Moore offers a theological and gospel foundation for adoption. He writes, “Without the theological aspect, the emphasis on adoption too easily is seen as mere charity. Without the missional aspect, the doctrine of adoption too easily is seen as mere metaphor” (18).

His section on Joseph’s adoption of Jesus illuminates one aspect of Jesus (and Joseph’s) life that we seldom think of: He was adopted that we might be adopted.

Adoption even speaks into the evolution debate, “Perhaps what our churches need most of all in our defense of the faith against Darwinian despair is…to showcase families for whom love is more than gene protection” (80).

The last third of the book gets into some practical issues surrounding adoption. It must be said that this book is not only for people considering adoption. Moore doesn’t think everyone is called to adopt. Nor is it even just for those who know people who have adopted. All Christians should read this book. It will cause you to rejoice and worship because of your adoption by God, and it will challenge you to be involved in adoption at some level (adopting, giving to those who are adopted, promoting it at your church, etc.). Though not a theological treatise, this is surely one of the most practical books on spiritual adoption that has been written and is enthusiastically recommended.


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