Ancient Word, Changing Worlds

This is the title of Stephen Nichols’ (and Eric Brandt) new book. It is about the doctrine of scripture in the modern age, principally the 20th century. This is a timely book on an issue that has raised its head again within the church and evangelicalism. I found the book helpful and informative bringing things up to the present day. It is brief, yet insightful and penetrating.

One of the most helpful aspects of the book was it’s inclusion of primary source materials. Basically the book is 3 chapters with a conclusion, but after each a chapter is a chapter of primary source readings that are briefly introduced and set in their context. So there are 6 chapters total, 3 historical and 3 primary source readings. This is the second book, that I am aware of, that Nichols has done in this particular format (the other being For Us and Our Salvation, on the doctrine of Christ in the early church). This is a fantastic format for doing historical theology. The readings include people from different sides of the issues being discussed and it takes the reader onto the playing field, as it were. I would enthusiastically recommend both of these books and hope to see more done in this fasion.


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