The First and Last Adam

Here are some thoughts on the failure of the first Adam and the success of the second Adam drawn from my sermon on Gen 2.15 – Collaborating with God.

Adam bore the image of God (but marred/distorted it), Christ is the image of God (come to restore and reorder it in man).

Adam was to work in God’s temple (but he was excluded b/c of sin), Christ said that he was God’s temple (and calls excluded sinners to God in himself). The way is open once again.

Adam was to fill the earth with the image of God (instead he filled it with sinners), Christ is now filling the earth with Christians (little Christs), restoring in them the image of God and bringing order to the chaos of that marred image.

Adam was to guard and protect the garden/temple (but he left his wife vulnerable to the enemy), Christ is the good shepherd who protects his flock, the church, also described as the temple, saying he will not loose even one of all that the Father has given him.

Adam was to cast Satan out when he came into the garden (but he let the enemy in, to utter calamity), Jesus went to the cross in order, he said, to cast out the ruler of this world.

Adam was to be a priest and a king, but forfeited his position, Christ is our great High Priest and God’s forever King, making those who put their faith in him, kings and priests to God.

And so you, and I, if we are in Christ, are now priests and kings to God.

Now through us, God wants to expand his kingdom and fill the world with his glory.

He wants to use us to fill the world with his image in mankind, restored and perfected, as we go and make disciples of all nations.

A helpful book on this is Fesko’s Last Things First. Unbeknown to me at the time, he expands on this idea a fair bit in his chapter on the work of the second Adam. His discussion on the ‘fill the earth’ mandate is encouragingly right along the lines of my sermon.


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