Pros & Cons of electronic preaching notes

Feel free to add your own thoughts, here are my initial thoughts on the good and the bad. Some could probably go under both.

– no clutter, very clean (you can’t misplace a page)
– depending how full your notes are, you won’t have a stack of papers with you
– compact, which is nice for smaller pulpits
– no distraction of turning/flipping pages (for you or the congregation)
– it is very easy to read, even in low lighting, also no glare
– you don’t have to print it out
– you could very easily have dozens of sermons with you if you needed to change to suit the situation
– it gives the page number at the bottom (for example: 7 of 15) so you know how much is left

– you can’t mark up your notes with additional thoughts (unless you do it on your computer just prior to the sermon)
– the screen is not that big (6 inch diagonally – there are bigger ones)
– you can’t have very much on one page (unless you use really small font, I prefer bigger)
– if you have to flip through the pages quickly there is a delay in page turning (more or less depending on your reader)
– readers are expensive
– technology could fail you at the most inopportune time

With the rumors of an Apple jumbo Ipod touch (you get the idea) you could potentially scroll through your notes rather than turning pages. This would be better in my mind. The Apple machine I believe would also allow for last minute additions to your notes since it is virtually a small computer. I’ll have to keep my eye out for these in the future, even with just these two advantages (contra to the two main weaknesses in my mind) it might be worth trying out.

Has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts on it?


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