The Green Preacher

I call upon all preachers who consider themselves green to abandon paper notes for some electronic device (ebook reader perhaps) from this day forward, or don’t call yourself green.

Actually, I’m quite happy for people to use paper notes (preaching the gospel is worth cutting down trees in my estimation – I suppose that you could preach without notes as well). This past weekend, however, with the means of an extremely generous gift (Sony ebook reader), I tried out using electronic notes for my sermon. I suppose if you had binders full of lectures, or were doing multiple teaching/preaching sessions this would cut down on the clutter and the bulk of things to transport. I must say, being that it is not an Apple product, I did print out an emergency bare-bones outline in case it didn’t work. Thankfully it was not needed. I found using this quite easy, I wasn’t flipping through loads of A5 sheets in the pulpit, and reading it was no problem at all. Actually, if you have minimal room for bible/books in your pulpit, this cuts down the space needed. Your bible can cover one side of it and it would take very little room. I think I’ll continue to experiment with it and see how things go. My first experience with it was quite nice.


The Sony is nice because you can use SD cards with it, and you can make your own PDF documents for it to read.


5 Responses to “The Green Preacher”

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  2. chrishighcock Says:

    It was a good sermon too

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    […] “book” that one can store literally hundreds to thousands of electronic books on. And some preachers are beginning to take them into the pulpit as sermon notes. I kind of like that idea. It’s small and compact and would fit nicely next to my slimline […]

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    […] luehrmann (18 May 2009)luehrmann discusses the issue of going green, being environmentally friendly, by abandoning paper notes for electronic devices e.g. an ebook reader, such as this one by Sony. […]

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