I didn’t know that.

This last week I was privileged to attend the Banner of Truth Ministers conference (blogged about here). It was a fantastic time of fellowship, teaching, and nourishment upon the word. Most of the talks focused on John Calvin as we remember the 500th anniversary of his birth. One very interesting message was on Calvin and Mission. My guess is that most people don’t associate those two words together, and certainly not folks who dislike Calvin. There is a stack of books in our church library (they are all the same book, just multiple copies) that in the introduction the author says that he is against calvinism because it is inherently anti-evangelistic. Ignorant, misinformed, and prejudiced that statement is.

Anyhow, all that to say, in a 6 year period over 2000 church planter/missionaries were sent out from Calvin’s academy in Geneva. I wonder if that number in such a short span of time has ever been matched? Of course, it was/is God’s work, but here he chose to use John Calvin to facilitate it.


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