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30 May 2009

We’re out of here for the next two weeks, no internet, no meetings, just family. Lord willing we’ll get back just in time for Colin Buchanan.


The First and Last Adam

29 May 2009

Here are some thoughts on the failure of the first Adam and the success of the second Adam drawn from my sermon on Gen 2.15 – Collaborating with God.

Adam bore the image of God (but marred/distorted it), Christ is the image of God (come to restore and reorder it in man).

Adam was to work in God’s temple (but he was excluded b/c of sin), Christ said that he was God’s temple (and calls excluded sinners to God in himself). The way is open once again.

Adam was to fill the earth with the image of God (instead he filled it with sinners), Christ is now filling the earth with Christians (little Christs), restoring in them the image of God and bringing order to the chaos of that marred image.

Adam was to guard and protect the garden/temple (but he left his wife vulnerable to the enemy), Christ is the good shepherd who protects his flock, the church, also described as the temple, saying he will not loose even one of all that the Father has given him.

Adam was to cast Satan out when he came into the garden (but he let the enemy in, to utter calamity), Jesus went to the cross in order, he said, to cast out the ruler of this world.

Adam was to be a priest and a king, but forfeited his position, Christ is our great High Priest and God’s forever King, making those who put their faith in him, kings and priests to God.

And so you, and I, if we are in Christ, are now priests and kings to God.

Now through us, God wants to expand his kingdom and fill the world with his glory.

He wants to use us to fill the world with his image in mankind, restored and perfected, as we go and make disciples of all nations.

A helpful book on this is Fesko’s Last Things First. Unbeknown to me at the time, he expands on this idea a fair bit in his chapter on the work of the second Adam. His discussion on the ‘fill the earth’ mandate is encouragingly right along the lines of my sermon.

What to read?

28 May 2009

We’re getting ready to head off on holiday for a fortnight. What are we looking forward to? Uninterrupted time with the family; seeing God’s beautiful creation; exploring with Anna & Elijah; no email (we’ll just be tweeting); no evening meetings; and some time to read. Here are a list of books we’re hoping to get through while we are away (I’m taking a break from Hugh Martin while we are away).

Adopted for Life – Russell Moore

Heirs with Christ – Joel Beeke

Love or Die – Alexander Strauch

Ancient Word, Changing Worlds – Steve Nichols

A Reformation Debate – Calvin/Sadoleto

Give Me This Mountain – Helen Roseveare

Living Faith – Helen Roseveare


Colin Buchanan in Scotland

27 May 2009

colinIf you have children (1-10yrs old) and have not heard of Colin Buchanan today is your lucky day (providentially of course). Colin Buchanan is a leading children’s entertainer from Australia, but more importantly, he creates children’s music that is God-honouring and theologically sound. His newest album is dedicated to R.C. Sproul and has a song called “Words that end in SHUN” which explains words such as justification, propitiation, redemption, etc. If adults had the grounding of truth found in his songs they would be off to a good start. Many of his songs are bible verses, so it also helps in scripture memory for children. I really cannnot recommend him highly enough (he is also an extreme mountain biker). Buy his cds and dvds from his website, or The Good Book Company (unfortunately they are out of stock on a number of items). He also has a few books related to his albums which are good for family devotions.

Now, if you live within 3-4 hours of Edinburgh Colin will be in concert at Carrubbers on 11 June at 5pm (he is also in Stirling on 7 June). Tickets are £4 and worth every penny. You can buy tickets at the door, or contact info is found at Colin’s website here. If you are interested in getting cds or dvds the prices at concerts are the cheapest you will ever find. Bring the whole family, young and old, and come for a delightful Christ exalting time. The concert is about an hour and there will be food and a chance to meet Colin afterwards. We’re coming home a day early from our holiday to go to the concert!

Church of Scotland round-up

26 May 2009

Here are a number of links to articles and audio on the Church of Scotland debates of the last days. The primary debate was, of course, put off again for 2 years.

This interview (11 minutes) is particularly revealing. Questions such as “Is the bible clear?” are met with, “Of course not…”

They say this does not set a precedent, but that is silly really. How can it not?

The issue of homosexuality aside, this guy has divorced his wife and is living with someone he is not married to (or entered into a civil partnership with). I wonder how they would respond to a minister who left his wife to to live with another women who is not his wife and he is not married to?

John Ross’s blog.

Willie Philips response to his congregation in Glasgow. They will no longer give money to the Church of Scotland. A Fellowship of Confessing Churches has been set up in the Church of Scotland.

David Meredith’s blog.

David Robertson interview.

It will be interesting to see what the days ahead hold. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in the difficult situation.


24 May 2009

It will be interesting to see what happens in response to this. I’m sure the news articles will rapidly increase in number. Not being a part of the Church of Scotland, you wonder when it is time to go (as with our dear Anglican friends as well). A difficult question to answer. Prayer is needed.

Edinburgh, a most welcoming place

22 May 2009

This article is fascinating. I’m glad that Edinburgh is such a welcoming and tolerant place such that you don’t have to be a christian to be a christian minister. At least he still wants people to live like there is a God and is upfront about his inconsistent worldview, most non-christians aren’t that transparent and authentic.

HT: Al Mohler

That didn’t take long

22 May 2009

Only a few days this time for the truth claims of the newest evolutionary find to be debunked.

We are a part of something bigger

21 May 2009

It is not very sound theology to confine a man’s thoughts so much to himself, and not to set before him, as the prime motive of his existence, zeal to show forth the glory of God. For we are born first of all for God, and not for ourselves.
~ John Calvin (from John Calvin: Pilgrim & Pastor by Robert Godfrey)

This is a needed reminder in the 21st century western world, for myself, and for all of humanity. Not only does it address the issue of our pride and selfishness, but it immediately gives meaning to everyone’s life. None are without significance and purpose when we look to God first and ourselves second.

Thoughts on Evolution

20 May 2009

See this article.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but the bible believing christian sees things in nature and the world and says he or she believes in a Creator that cannot be seen. And is called a fool for it.

The evolutionist, on the other hand, sees the remains of a dead animal and says he or she believes in a process and biological relationship that cannot be seen.* And is called brilliant for it.

Just a few thoughts related to why I generally laugh and grieve when I read articles like this.

*Or has someone actually observed evolution (species changing into new species), because the proponents for it sure sound like they have. I’m happy to be informed here.