The living and active Christ

Hebrews 4.12 is a familiar passage to many. I have never read or heard anyone speak about it as referring to Christ except in one of M’Cheyne’s sermons (from Sermons on Hebrews). He begins “‘The WORD OF GOD’ in this passage does not mean the Bible, or written Word of God, but the Lord Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word.” He goes on to explain why this is the case.

We can’t really separate the written word from the living Word. In fact, in Hugh Martin’s The Abiding Presence (happily looking like it is being reprinted) the thrust of his thesis is that one of the ways Christ continues to abide with his people is in his word.

Anyhow, I haven’t really heard much on Hebrews 4.12 in reference to Christ and was curious if anyone else had, or if you have any thoughts on it? I’m not sure if it is “either or,” or “both and.”


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