More truth for all time

Here are a few more gems from Calvin’s wee book. The first deals with the nature of the Christian faith. Calvin writes,

Christian faith is, rather, a firm and solid assurance of the heart, by which we cling securely to the mercy of God which is promised to us through the gospel.

Here is another that discusses the work of a pastor and why a proper title for him is a ‘servant of the word.’

Let us remember, however, that the authority which scripture attributes to pastors is wholly contained within the limits of the ministry of the word, for the fact is that Christ has not given this authority to men, but to the Word of which he has made these men servants.

There seems to be an awful lot of authoritative speaking in the church these days which is divorced from the word, and those who do speak authoritatively from the word are often labeled as proud and arrogant. The irony is thick, as well as the sadness deep.


One Response to “More truth for all time”

  1. Hank Says:

    Om his first quote I would add It is also an assurance of the mind too.

    in regard to the second it doesn’t fit the worlds view of tolerance.
    which is that tolerance is this:
    egalitarian towards ideas(Bible)
    elitist towards people.

    the truth is just the opposite
    egalitarian towards people
    elitist towards ideas (Bible)

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